Updated International Rules for 2021

Some changes have been made to the rules of the game, to be implemented forthwith.

You can find the full version of the new rules at the Petanque England website, here:-


Alternatively, that very kind man, Alan Swift, has highlighted the changes to the rules in the version at Yorkshire Petanque, that you can find at:-

Click to access Playing%20Rules.pdf

I only hope we get the chance to play to the new rules in the very near future!

Looking forward to seeing you all again,


Covid-19 Update

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! …or at least as happy as we can make it!

I’m afraid that the latest lockdown arrangements MUST mean that our club sessions must cease forthwith, until further notice.

It would seem that this arrangement will be in place for some weeks, where “some” is likely to exceed 8 or 9, unfortunately.

A L-O-N-G T-I-M-E, sadly, but if it keeps us, and our loved ones safe, then it will be worth it. (A greater degree of confidence in the competence of the government would make it all easier to bear, but the hope of a speedy vaccine roll-out gives us some hope at least!)

I attach a link to Petanque England’s latest update on the situation:-


Please look after yourselves, and keep yourselves safe. I have no desire to be publishing obituaries for any of us!


Christmas 2020

First of all, let me wish everyone a very Happy Christmas (again) and a much better New Year.

2020 has been a real struggle – more for some, even, than for others, but I doubt any of us have found it easy.

We have had very little in the way of Club Petanque, and no inter-club matches at all! Even club sessions have been non-existent for most of the year, but at least whist in tier 3, and with the support of Petanque England and their guidance, we have been able to have SOME club sessions .

The last of these, for 2020, will be on Sunday, 27th December, at the usual time.

Normally, at the pre- or post-Christmas session, we might have mince pies, maybe some punch, and perhaps even a little jollity. Sadly this year’s limitations preclude such social interaction, so, bring your own mince pies and eat them furtively in a corner; peel your christmas orange in your pocket, and nibble it surreptitiously; fill your hip flask with your alcoholic beverage of choice, and leave it lying around for me to….. no, sorry, got carried away there. But don’t forget to bring some jollity!

Anyway, just to remind you again, the last club session of 2020 is on Sunday.

Look after yourselves, boys and girls, and I hope to see you there.


Two short messages

The return to club sessions this morning was quite well attended. It was lovely to be able to get together again and enjoy each others’ company, and play some petanque.

A blue woolly hat was left behind by somebody. Paul is taking care of it, until its owner comes forward to claim it – next Sunday??

Secondly, I know how difficult it can be, when we’re so involved in our games – checking who has the point, waiting our turns to throw, even having a little chat/discussion – to remember that physical distancing is crucially important.

We need to be aware that our games are permitted only on the proviso that the conditions of the Leeds Petanque Club Covid-19 Risk Assessment are observed by all.

Some Good News…

We have received permission to re-start our Sunday morning sessions at the club.

Sunday, 6th December will be the first session, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Please remember to observe PHYSICAL distancing throughout (I don’t want to be socially distant with any of you, and one of our prime functions is as a social club).

Remember also to bring your own coche, not handle anyone else’s boules, etc., so the other conditions of the risk assessment can be observed.

Is there finally light at the end of the tunnel??

Sadly, as expected, a Club Christmas Party/Meal is not possible this year – and since the prospect of all of us ordering a takeaway from Salvo’s, and dining together via Zoom, appals me, for one – there isn’t much we can do about it.

However, especially for those I don’t see in the next few weeks – do your best to have the happiest Christmas possible in the circumstances; take very good care of yourselves and your loved ones; and let’s hope for a VERY MUCH HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, and pleasant New Year.

Love to all


Lockdown II

As you will have expected, the new “lockdown” (anti-Covid) measures mean that there can be no further play until December 2nd at least.

It’s very disappointing for all of us. Not only are we losing our weekly, high-intensity exercise session, AND will suffer the gradual deterioration of our highly-tuned skill sets through lack of practice; but the more important social benefits of meeting regularly with pleasant, like-minded people, will also be lost… hopefully, only for a short while!

Please take good care of yourselves, and keep yourselves safe during the lockdown period, so that we can all quickly get back to normal when this latest disruption comes to an end.

Remember – This too shall pass!


Two Brief Messages

Paul has asked me to pass on two brief messages:-

He received this card recently, from Wheatfields Hospice (I hope you are able to read it!)

Secondly, his application for the club to be affiliated to Petanque England has been successful. This means we can continue to play with the current protocols …at least until the government changes its mind on “organised team sports”.


Jean’s funeral

I know that several of us were keen to have the details of the time and place of Jean’s funeral, in order to pay our last respects to our old friend.

Paul has received a message from Louise, Jean’s sister.

Louise has had the unfortunate task of trying to keep the numbers attending Jean’s funeral within the legal maximum, in this time of pandemic. In order to manage this, she has even had to ask some family members not to attend!

Consequently, and very sadly, she has had to ask that club members do not attend the funeral, which is to be held on Tuesday, 15th September.

She will send Paul an Order of Service, which will be shared with those club members who so wish.

I’m sure you will all respect Louise’s request, and perhaps spare a thought, or two, for Jean, Louise, and all the family on Tuesday.