Open Day Report


It all turned out rather well. Arriving at 10am there were already people queueing up to get in…

And although it was cool to start the weather finally came good just after lunch.

Did I mention Lunch? The sandwiches were fantastic. Smoked salmon & cucumber, cheese, ham and many more. Pies, buns, cakes and 5 unexpected bottles of wine. Well done Chef!

Plenty of new arrivals who’d seen the publicity, in particular I remember Robin, Carol, Paul, Elaine, Rodney, Judith, Pete and Mac. We played many games and hopefully will welcome the people listed above as new members very soon.

Thanks to members Mike, Ann, Liz, Jean, Roy, Paul, Richard, Richard and anyone else I’ve missed for helping the newcomers pick up the rules.

Melee Result

10 players; nice sunny evening and the winner after three rounds was Simon with 3 wins and +17. Well done Roy & Sally for a gorgeous chocolate cake after the second round and congratulations to Simon. Scores will be posted later and records will be kept to find the melee club champion over the season. Next evening melee Tuesday 4th June.