Melee Result 4th June

boules2Nice to see a good turn out last night and, despite a bit of confusion, we were able to get 3 rounds in.  The weather stayed good for us as well!

After the 3 rounds Simon finished the winner on 2 wins +17; Jim was a close second on 2 wins +13 and the third place was a tie between Sam and Robin who both managed 2 wins +1.  I’m sure Simon might well be enjoying his prize now!

Remember scores from all the monthly melees will be kept so we have an overall winner at the end of the year.  Next melee will be on Tuesday 2nd July starting at 6:45pm.  Hope you can all make it then!


One thought on “Melee Result 4th June

  1. Thanks for organising, and good to play three rounds in the evening sunshine, with a live-action cricket match as a backdrop.
    Paul M

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