Leeds Win York League!

Winners_Cup_01After two dramatic last matches Leeds have come out winners in the York League.  Having been second for a number of years this is the first time Leeds have managed to win the league.

Going into the final two matches the team needed a draw and a win to clinch the league.  Travelling away to the top of the league rivals, Wigginton 1, on Monday evening the team managed to get the 2-2 draw needed to keep the league open.  A number of the games were very tense with Wiggington knowing a 3-1 on the night would give them the league title.

The last match was played against Wetherby who have won the league for the past few seasons.  Leeds needed a 3-1 win on the night to take the league title.  Some nervous games ensued.  With the score at 2-1 to Leeds, and it getting dark, the last game went to a dramatic finish with both teams having opportunities to win the game.  Leeds finally came out on top to win the game 13-12 and consequently the league title on points difference from Wiggington 1.  Final scores and league table can be seen on the York League Page.

Thanks to everyone who took part and came along and supported during the season.  Well done!

Chairman Wow

A fantastic performance from Club Chairman Paul M in the Club Singles. Forced to play off scratch he won his first game against 6 handicap player 13-9, his second against a 5 handicap player 13-5 and his third against a 3 handicap player 13-3. In plain English this means he conceded 3 points in 3 matches while scoring 39.

An equally good performance from Richard B, playing off +1 who conceded 10 points while scoring 39. These were the only two players who won all 3 games. (Jim, Jean, Pam & Rosanna won 2 each)

The final between these two was a very high standard. Accurate pointing and brilliant shooting culminated in a 13-10 victory for Paul. Thank to all 14 players who joined in. As it didn’t take long some stayed on for some social games.

Singles Competition Sunday

singleThe last chance to become a club champion this year is on Sunday. There’s a singles tournament starting at 11am. Because singles is tough each player will be allocated a handicap (as in golf) which they keep throughout the event. Handicaps are easy to sort out. If you’re a regular player in the York league you start from scratch; if you’ve been an occasional league player you are on +1. Newcomers this season start on +6 and all other handicaps are in the range 1 to 6 based on how long you’ve been playing. If you are a newcomer and you find yourself playing the Club Captain you start on 6-0 and it’s still first to 13. There will be a 3 round snake where your scores are recorded and the top two will play off in a final to determine the winner. Being as singles matches are often short there’ll be space to play other games alongside or after this event.

Melee Results

4902-jeu_de_boules[1]A great evening with 17 players at its peak. Won by a strong performance from Gavin with 3 wins and +25. Paul M the only other player to win all 3 games. New members Liz & Pam managed 2 good wins and a shared 4th place  and Rosanna was 3rd.

Table of scores to date on Results page. The way we calculate it is you gain a point for everyone you beat on the night so Gavin beat 16 players last night.

The key to winning the whole season long event is turn up. The top 2 players have played 3 events (July was a washout). Two more evening melees to go in September and October.