Singles Competition Sunday

singleThe last chance to become a club champion this year is on Sunday. There’s a singles tournament starting at 11am. Because singles is tough each player will be allocated a handicap (as in golf) which they keep throughout the event. Handicaps are easy to sort out. If you’re a regular player in the York league you start from scratch; if you’ve been an occasional league player you are on +1. Newcomers this season start on +6 and all other handicaps are in the range 1 to 6 based on how long you’ve been playing. If you are a newcomer and you find yourself playing the Club Captain you start on 6-0 and it’s still first to 13. There will be a 3 round snake where your scores are recorded and the top two will play off in a final to determine the winner. Being as singles matches are often short there’ll be space to play other games alongside or after this event.


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