Melee Tomorrow night

hpcLast one of the season where we see if anyone can beat Simon. If he loses very badly and one of the challengers has a 13-0 win it’s possible he may not make it.

As the light is fading fast we may only have time for one game (or 2 short ones) but there will be a nice cup of tea afterwards in the clubhouse and a chat about winter fixtures and next year.

Heck 11-11 Leeds

Thanks to all who played yesterday in the return fixture at Heckmondwike Petanque Club. It was good day and 7 teams from each club played 3 rounds which meant (er…) 22 games. The organiser kept all scores secret until the end but as the final game was being played it leaked out that the score was 11-10 to Heckmondwike. The last game was at that time 11-1 to Heckmondwike. Then for no obvious reason the Leeds team of Paul & Rosanna scored 4, 3 and 5 in three out of the next four ends ends to emerge 13-12 winners and the whole shebang ended 11-11.

Add this to the 10-8 victory for Leeds earlier in the season and it’s clear that there’s not much in it.


Heckmondwike vs Leeds (the return match!)

If you can cast your mind back that far many of you will remember the match we played against Heckmondwike on Sunday 28th July.  A great day was had be all and Leeds just came out on top in a close competition.  The return match has now been set and is going to be on:

Sunday 29th September

We aim to arrive at Heckmondwike for 10:30 to 10:45 for the games to start at 11am.  If you are coming to the club this Sunday (22nd) we’ll be organising travel etc.  If you would like to play but won’t be coming this Sunday can you let Paul know by phone or email so you can be included. The more people who can play the better so come along!

Here’s hoping for some good weather and some good games.  See you there!