Sunday melees

hpcWe’re keeping scores on the first sunday of every month from November to April to determine who will be Winter Melee Champion. Not everyone spotted this but it’s not a big issue. Other Sundays will be more casual but first Sundays we keep score and someone is the winner. Yesterday it was Paul M. It was a bit chilly so only 2 rounds were played. We’ll aim for 3 but make do with 2 if it’s inclement weather. Here’s the results. The way it’s scored is you get a point for everyone you beat on the day. 14 players on Sunday 3rd.

Paul M 13
Gordon 12
Mike 11
Malcolm 10
Richard B 9
Gavin 8
Paul S 7
Richard M 6
Yvonne 5
Steve 4
Simon 3
Anne 2
Posy 1
Rosanna 0

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