Straight Shooter

Being able to shoot or having a proficient shooter on your team seems essential if you want a good chance of winning games. Making the transition from beginner to shooter feels tough. If you miss everything, you are likely to waste a shot as the ball goes out of play and if you hit, you could make things worse if not on target. Being brave and having the confidence to shoot must come with experience and practice, as I am sure you all agree.


But is it really that different to pointing? Surely it is just a case of aiming at a bigger metal ball instead of aiming at a point on the terrain in front of the jack.  Perhaps the extra distance to reach the ball can make it harder for some.

If you’ve become a confident shooter or you are in the process of starting out please share your story and any tips to help those, like me, who would like to give it a go.  More players who can point as well as shoot at the club will only add to the fun!

Do you remember your first carreau? Was it a match winner or saver? Reply and tell us all about it.

3 thoughts on “Straight Shooter

  1. Shooting is essential, exciting and fun, but oh, so tricky……. Nearly as tricky as pointing really.
    One day – in about 20 years from now – I swear I’ll have cracked them both. Maybe.

    • You’re being very modest Pam…I’ve seen you do some great shooting! My first week you did a perfect carreau and we won.
      Richard set up some practice shots today and it really helped get my eye in.

  2. While a spot carreau is the ideal, remember ,it is only a bonus and won’t happen every time,even for the internationals. Just aim to hit the ball and ground together on the front lower quarter or slightly in front . If you think you are going to miss you probably will . Be positive and shoot at every opportunity in practice and casual games.

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