Share the fun! Come to the LPC OPEN DAY


On Sunday 14th June from 11am we have our Club Open Day taking place. Please invite your friends and family to join us to try out a game of pétanque. We will also be holding a barbecue with drinks. So come along with all your mates and keep your fingers crossed for good weather!


1 thought on “Share the fun! Come to the LPC OPEN DAY

  1. James, I have discovered in Majestic Wines in Meanwood a Rose wine called Pied Tanque (can’t do the accents in any of these words sorry!). There is a picture of a chap playing Petanque on the front. I bought one bottle, I can’t remember how much it was but it wouldn’t have been expensive.

    I hope I will be able to come to a bit of the open day but it’s Matthew’s birthday so may not be able to, it depends whether we go out or they all come to us. If they all come to us there might be an invasion!

    Anyway, whether we come or not I could produce some sort of food and this bottle of wine if you want.

    See you this Sunday



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