Open Day – bring a dish!


Hello All

This Sunday 14th June our club open day is taking place from 11am and if all goes to plan we are having a barbecue.

It would be great if members brought some delicious side dishes or deserts with them to share with everyone including our visitors.

Salads, breads, cold meats, cakes and bottles of wine or soft drinks would all be a very welcome contribution to the day.

Thank you in advance! See you there.

2 thoughts on “Open Day – bring a dish!

  1. I was wondering if you would be still going ahead with this as the weather forecast is fairly awful. I fear we will not be able to come for the main event but may come later. However I will bring a homemade tortilla if that’s ok – | will bring it early on. The reason we can’t come is that it’s Matthew’s birthday (Matthew is James’s H’s friend). We may come later depending on the weather.

    Have fun and I will see you, plus Tortilla shortly after 11!



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