The ‘Improvers’ First Away Game

A team of 5 ‘Improvers’ (Jim, Liz, Carol, Robin and James) headed to GreenHead Park, Huddersfield, the home of the ‘GreenHead’ Pétanque team on a sunny Tuesday afternoon this week to play their first competitive match in the league. We were supposed to be 6 but one of the squad wasn’t well on the day and couldn’t come, poor chap. 

We forfeited a couple of games due to fielding an incomplete team and didn’t win but had a great time meeting the other club members and feeling the thrill of playing on a different terrain under the pressure of competition rules. 

Looking forward to the return match at our club. Thanks to the ‘GreenHeads’ for the warm welcome and Phil for helping us out. Few pictures from the day below:


Posy’s Rosé


Look what Posy found at her local wine mart! Ask her for more details on where to buy some.

In fact Posy has kindly donated the wine to support our open day taking place this Sunday.  Perhaps a shooting competition is in order to see who takes home this great prize? Thanks Posy!