Happy New Year 2016 LPC Members & Friends

Well…my apologies this is a bit delayed but still wishing you a fun and rewarding 2016. 

Really need to start this year’s posts by looking back to a fun filled day we had over the Christmas period. On Sunday 27th December we held the Mulled Wine Melee. The turnout was spectacular and we welcomed family and friends including guests from other clubs up north and down south.  Below are some pictures taken by Malcolm and me.

2015 was a good year for the club with a number of events supported including our own Open Day, Kirkstall and the Waterfront festivals. We also welcomed some new members, enjoyed playing and coming second in the new local league arranged by Paul Simpkins(big thank you) for those new to competitive games and our brilliant club team won the York league.  We had more hits on this website than ever before and please encourage your fellow members to join up as it makes communicating club messages to everyone much easier. 

This year please expect more of the same with lots of events and provide as much support as you can.  Bit of work on the club terrain needs to take place soon with provision for lane strings being added and more gravel required.

Have a great year and see you on Sunday. JBJ


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2016 LPC Members & Friends

  1. A good New Year’s message and pics. At moment, commenting from sick bed! Down with a full blown Flu bug. Took 30 mins to pull on socks – heaven know’s how long to pick up a set of boules! Hope to see you all soon – with some sun I hope. Jim B.

    • Good to hear from you Jim but sorry to read you’re not well with the flu. Take it easy, lots of vitamin C and Day/Night Nurse and we all hope to see you soon. James B

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