REMINDER for Talking Statues – Tuesday 28th at 6.15pm Bond Court

Hello All

Just a quick reminder – our usual club night this Tuesday 28th June is moving to Bond Court for a 6.15pm start.  We will be joined at approximately 6.30pm by a group who have been touring the Talking Statues around the city centre. They would like to be shown how to play. Please bring any spare boule you have.

Sorry I can’t be there due to work.

A map of Bond Court’s location below. Thankyou for you support!

Games of *cough* Interest

Parties d’intéret is the euphemism for games involving betting. Betting is of course banned under FFPJP rules but in the quieter corners of some towns and villages ‘games of interest’ can be found.

A lot are just a few euros among mates but there are cut throat (sometimes literally) games where big stakes change hands, including side betting.

Naturally where there is money there is skulduggery. A lot of it involves shooting contests, runs of hits, runs of carreaux etc. Naturally it pays to ensure that your boules are as predictably controllable as possible. Illegal alteration of boules is seriously interdit of course but some bizarre ploys are common.

Boules farcis. “Stuffed boules” aimed at altering rebound and run action. Some of the ploys involve:

‘Recuite’ or Softening.  Heat the boule to cherry red and leave it to air cool. What we old metal bashers call ‘normalising’.  This removes the temper and reduces rebound. However they don’t last long.

‘Stuffing’. Drilling a small hole and filling the hollow with mercury or cotton soaked in mercury giving effectively a liquid core which will keep spinning after the boule has struck to impart a braking or retro effect . Other bizarre ploys involve pushing a lot of small coil springs, ball bearings or even elastic bands into the core;I have heard of dry sand being used. The latest novel scam is said to be filling the core with pressurised gas . I have no idea how this would work but I would stand well clear!

​​​Of course, no member of LPC would ever be caught doing any of the above….

Roy’s Funeral Arrangements

Dear All

The Funeral Service for Roy will take place at Lawnswood Crematorium on Friday 24th June at 9.40am. Family flowers only, donations in lieu to Candlelighters, a plate for this purpose will be provided at the service. Family will be wearing their holiday best in celebration of Roy’s love of the sunshine. It would be much appreciated if you could let Paul, our Club Chair, know on Sunday if you are intending to go.

The postcode for Lawnswood Crematorium is Leeds, LS16 6AH.

Talking Statues Fun – Tuesday Club Night 28th June

Hello all,

On Tuesday 28th June we are moving our usual club night to the Bond Court Petanque terrain in Leeds City Centre to support the Talking Statues event during the Yorkshire Festival.

Some of you will already by familiar with the terrain and the statues. Some of you may know that one of the statues was modelled on Alan Swift, President of Northern Petanque.

If you are available to come down and help please bring any spare boule with you.  We will be demonstrating to and helping members of the public have a go who are doing a ‘meet the statues’ walk.

To do this please can we meet and start a bit earlier at 6pm on Tuesday 28th June.

Will discuss the plans more at our club meetings.

Roy Cotton

It was with great sadness that we learned that Roy Cotton had passed away last Thursday, 9th June 2016.

Roy was a founder member of the Leeds Petanque Club, together with Nigel Clay and others, back in 2006.
As well as being a keen player Roy served the Club as treasurer for a number of years. He also put considerable effort and support into many of the activities and projects which the Club has undertaken. This was particularly true of the negotiation, organisation and funding that went into enlarging the terrain in 2012; some of you may remember the original small and sloping terrain built when the club was first started. Roy was also instrumental in establishing our relationship with Brasserie Blanc and initiating the annual Club Dinner which is now a tradition.

We shall miss him both as a player and friend; his skills at the barbeque and for the heroic catering provided by Roy after our home league matches. We shall all remember him at the Club and our condolences go out to Sally and Roy’s family.