Roy Cotton

It was with great sadness that we learned that Roy Cotton had passed away last Thursday, 9th June 2016.

Roy was a founder member of the Leeds Petanque Club, together with Nigel Clay and others, back in 2006.
As well as being a keen player Roy served the Club as treasurer for a number of years. He also put considerable effort and support into many of the activities and projects which the Club has undertaken. This was particularly true of the negotiation, organisation and funding that went into enlarging the terrain in 2012; some of you may remember the original small and sloping terrain built when the club was first started. Roy was also instrumental in establishing our relationship with Brasserie Blanc and initiating the annual Club Dinner which is now a tradition.

We shall miss him both as a player and friend; his skills at the barbeque and for the heroic catering provided by Roy after our home league matches. We shall all remember him at the Club and our condolences go out to Sally and Roy’s family.


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