Le trois jourers de pétanque

Three players were looking for a fourth to replace their mate who had left the club.

They eventually roped in a fourth, Raymond,  for a game each Sunday at 9 o’clock sharp.

Before the first game he said “Next Sunday I might be 10 minutes late so wait for me.”

On Sunday Raymond arrived bang on time but played all the games with his left hand.

As he left he said again “Next Sunday I may be 10 minutes late, wait for me.”

Again he arrived dead on 9’clock but played with his right hand. 

This continued for two months until his mates could no longer stand it.  He was always on time but played with a different hand each time.  They asked him for an explanation.

“Ah well” said Raymond “I’m a bit superstitious, when I wake up I look to see on which side my wife is sleeping. If it’s on her left side I play left handed. If it’s her right side, I play with my right hand”

“Ah Hah” cry his mates , “what if she is lying on her back?”

“In that case I’ll be 10 minutes late.”


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