AGM Minutes 2nd August 2016

Tuesday 2nd August 2016 Brief Minutes

1. Present, Paul Matthews (Chair), James Brownjohn (Secretary), Mike Bulmer (Treasurer), Neill Rank (Captain) and 12 members.

2. Last Year’s minutes accepted as a true record.

3. There were no matters arising

4. Chairman’s report touched on several successes from last year including; the Kirkstall festival, the Waterfront festival at Brasserie Blanc, the Open Day, winning the York League again and coming 2nd in the new West Yorkshire league. So far in 2016 we have supported the Kirkstall festival and a special event called ‘Talking Statues’. Both went very well. Unfortunately, we were not able to support the Waterfront festival due to special circumstances.

5. Treasurer’s report showed the club’s accounts remain in a good position supported by new members and little expenditure within the year.

6. The existing officers for club chair, captain and secretary stood for re election and were appointed. Mike B was officially added as club treasurer and thanked for his support.

7. 2017 will include repeating our support for the Waterfront festival and Kirkstall Abbey festival. Playing in the new West Yorkshire league and continuing to play in the York league.  It was agreed next year the club would reinstate the Melee and club singles competitions.

8.  Agreed the annual club members fees will be determined at the start of next year at the AGM. 

9. More club fleeces and polo shirts were needed and it was agreed it would be looked into. The previous supplier no longer exists.

10. In honour of our much missed friend and member, Roy Cotton, a memorial match match between Leeds and Harrogate pétanque clubs will take place on 4th sept consisting of 2 x triples and 3 x pairs matches. A specially designed cup will be awarded to the winners.  The Club Captain will be determining the Leeds teams. Robin is doing bbq and club funds available for food to be available on the day. All members are asked to put the date in their dairy.

11. Pam asked the members about how they would like to participate in the West Yorkshire league as this year it was challenging to get a team together for every match. It was agreed the usual members who participate would be asked first and then all remaining members.

Thank you.


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