Bastille Day Picnic and Play – Sunday 16th July


A reminder we have been invited to join Harrogate Montpellier Pétanque club on Sunday for their belated Bastille Day celebrations.

The plan is to start from 11 am, with games played as mixed groups across the two Clubs followed by a picnic. Please bring your own food and drink.  It has been noted that the Wimbledon Men’s final is on in the afternoon so the plan is to finish around 2pm to allow members to get home and put the tele on.

In terms of parking, Nigel has kindly arranged the following; on the day you can attempt to park up in a spot near the pier head, jump out and Nigel will provide either:

– a scratch card for Zone N8 (all day), or

– a parking disk (3 hours max) around Valley Drive area and check the sign on the parked side of the road – it varies!

It’s going to be an excellent day. Let’s hope for nice weather. The weather forecast looks okay, at present.

Any questions, let me know and I will contact Nigel and feedback.



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