RCMM – 10.9.17 at 2pm BBQ Prep *please read*

Hello All

On Sunday 10th September starting at 2pm we have the Roy Cotton Memorial Match against Harrogate followed by a BBQ with Roy’s family, and, of course, his friends, members of our club and Harrogate Montpellier club.

Like last year, it is going to be a fantastic event but we need your help to ensure everyone gets fully fed.

Robin has kindly agreed to provide the meat for the BBQ. Please can you all think about bringing some other types of food and / or drinks.

We need:








Vegetarian alternatives



Soft drinks

& anything else you can think of to make it a great spread!

Please let Paul and I know what you are intending to bring. Best way to do this is to use the comments section for this article and then everyone else can check to minimise duplication. It’s easy to use. Just type it in and press send.

Please remember it’s free for our club members but guests will be asked to contribute £5.

Thank you

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