Hello from Jo!

Hi from Rwanda!

Many of you donated money for my sponsored swim recently and so I thought you might like to see how the money is used by Cricket Without Boundaries.

I have been coaching cricket and raising awareness of HIV and AIDS for the last month in Uganda and Rwanda. By the halfway stage, the team had worked with 4500 children as well as training local teachers to be cricket coaches.

The most important thing though is the HIV messages we give through the cricket, and we have been able to reinforce their learning as well as get hundreds of kids tested so that they know their status and can get treatment if needed. The charity employs local ambassadors to continue coaching in schools after our visit and the equipment we brought out will be left with them to use.

Volunteering here has been amazing and while I’m looking forward to getting back to petanque on Sunday, I shall be very sad to leave such beautiful people and places. I’m also not much looking forward to the English winter!!

See you on Sunday


Greatest finish of all time!?


Sam recommended this video of the Semi Final France v Thailand in 2002, and here’s why….

It’s France 11 and Thailand 12 in the last end. The Thai’s are holding with 4 boules in hand. The French have only 2 and few options. They elect to kill it and Phillipe Quintais shoots the coche. To his horror, it stops about three or four inches short of the back string putting a French back boule on but well away.  Henri Lacrois has the last boule but the Thais have four and an acre of space to get one point.  How could they lose?  At least watch the last 2 minutes of the video to see real pain 😱

Enjoy and thanks Sam,