Mental Strength


Thanks again to Sam for another great insight into the game found below.

This is condensed from Comment se forger un mental de champion

By Pierre Fieux

What do you do for the rest of the time ?

Pierre Fieux in the introduction to one of his books poses something like the following:

The concentrated physical action of the back swing and delivery takes two to three seconds.  The average game takes say an hour to ninety minutes and averages around thirteen ends. In a triple therefore you will throw twenty six boules ,taking a total of around a minute or so.

What, we must ask ourselves should our brains do with the rest of the time. The answer is obvious , condition ourselves to play each of those twenty six boules as well as we can.

Sports psychologists and coaching teams in other sports   include the following vital attributes as the foundation for a winning mentality-Passion, Discipline, Ambition, Willpower, Humility, Self Control, Intelligence, Solidarity and Respect.

Passion: Fieux’s answer to the question “Why do they do it?”. That is, the waiting around, the heat, the rain and cold, the rough terrains and disagreeable opponents.  The defeats and disappointments, the backache and the travel. His answer was “For the pleasure of playing”.

Discipline: Constructive practice.   Self critical rating of performance. Adjustment. Experiment

Ambition: To improve to the best you can be and compete at the top level.

Willpower: Determination to apply everything you know toward winning.

Humility: Open mind, you will never know it all and nobody likes a bighead. Admit and work to correct your own weaknesses.

Self Control: Even when performing badly; Stay calm, even in the face of poor sportsmanship or unfair umpiring. Learn how to lose. Passion and anger should not be confused.

Intelligence: Dispassionate judgement and assessment of tactics and knowing what you don’t know and the ability to make good decisions on what you do know.

Solidarity: Win as a team and lose as a team. No blame, support and encourage each other. Make collective decisions.

Respect: Never, never underestimate your opponents or adopt gamesmanship. Observe mature terrain behaviour.



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