More wise words from Sam on tactical play;

Watching some of the Internationals on YouTube etc. gives a clue to the tactical approaches of various teams.

To my mind the French often win, not because they are playing much better technically but more craftily.  The Thai’s are or were an army team from the wealth of well drilled players, part of who’s military training is petanque. They play a very correct classical style, possibly a bit regimented and playing to instructions. Their coach is called ‘The Colonel’ by the French. One of their weaknesses as, I see it, is reluctance to shoot a wide boule and generally bank on their very good pointing skill rather than  clearing ‘seconds’.

By contrast Diego Rizzi, for instance, will shoot with side spin, to remove the wide boule and kick his toward the coche. I’ve seen such a boule finish touching the coche.  One gone, one on the coche with a carreau needed from a player who is not the prime shooter with his last ball.

In a singles match, Rizzi against Thaloengkiat of Thailand, who is a fine player; Rizzi is 10 -5 up. Instead of trying for 3, he eases off and lets his opponent win making it 10 -7 but giving him the last boule in the next end. He shoots out the first boule, spins left leaving his ball close to the left line. His opponent has to shoot back but misses leaving Rizzi 2 in hand against one. Thaloengkiat shoots again, knocks Rizzi’s to about 12 metres but goes dead himself (which was the trap) leaving Diego to lob his other 2 in and win. Genius!

1 thought on “Tactics

  1. People reading my stuff may get the impression that I know what I am talking about, not necessarily so. Seriously, I urge everyone to study these games and try to spot the difference between errors and tactics. In my case they are usually the same thing lately

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