Happy new year all! What better way to start than with some more thoughts on the game from Sam? Here goes:

As you know I am always banging on about right and left brain influence.

This is a pretty literal translation from a book by Pierre Fieux.  

                                                              Kill the dog

A problem with players who lack self confidence  is often an inability to avoid the big mistakes.

They will often knock up an opposing  front boule and far more often than they should, “kill their own dog” that is to say, hit their own boule instead of the opponent’s.  Why?

Precisely because they are afraid of doing it, in effect  the concentration is prioritised on not hitting the wrong boule.  The right side of the brain has difficulty with avoidance strategies. It is being asked to locate a boule and then to miss it,  something  which the left side understands perfectly but, it has to translate all this into images, in effect creating an image of the first ball and then erasing it. The anxious shooter will have  an image of the first boule in his mind and his shot will inevitably veer toward the boule he should miss.

The problem started by placing too much importance on the boule to avoid.  Prioritise the target to be struck ,not one to be missed  and  although plain clumsiness may cause a miss hit there is far less chance of “killing  your dog”

Thanks Sam! We look forward to more insights in 2018.

1 thought on “Fetch!

  1. Nice picture of the Bouledog. After reading this bit in Fieux’s book, I was a bit sceptical myself until I found myself doing it

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