Leeds Pétanque Club AGM minutes – 2018


Brief minutes of our AGM held on 27th March 2018 below:

1. Present, Paul Matthews (Chair), James Brownjohn (Secretary), Mike Bulmer (Treasurer), Neill Rank (Captain) and members.

2. Last Year’s minutes accepted as a true record.

3. There were no matters arising

4. Chairman’s report touched on several successes from last year including; the Kirkstall festival, the Leeds Waterfront festival, the Open Day, Roy Cotton Memorial Match and winning the West Yorkshire league.

5. Treasurer’s report showed the club’s accounts remain in a fair position. Main expense was the ground rent for last two years. A concern was raised we are not rountinely collecting membership fees from new members. It was agreed that fees will apply to new members following attendance at three club sessions. An updated membership list will be displayed on the equipment cupboard door at clubhouse to ensure held contact details are correct.

6. The existing officers for club chair, captain and secretary stood for re election and were appointed.

7. It was confirmed 2018 will include repeating our support for the Waterfront festival and Kirkstall Abbey festival. Playing in the new West Yorkshire league and York league.  Plus we will have some further professional coaching from the English Petanque League trainers. Neill to organise.

8.  Agreed the annual club members fees will be £15 for the year. Collection will start now. Members to give to Mike.

9. More club fleeces and polo shirts were needed and it was agreed it would be looked into. We will look at both sponsorship and the possibility of members purchasing their own to cover the costs. James to investigate.

10. Agreed to look at different locations for our club Christmas do this year. Steve to do.

11. Although still to receive planning permission, Richmond House school are proposing to extend their classrooms by building on the grass next to the carpark. The likelihood of this is that our terrain will be used to store equipment or for access to the site. Paul has met with the headteacher and groundskeeper, and they have agreed we use an alternative site over in the corner near the top gate. (It is where the tennis courts were previously located). It will need preparing for use with wooden boundaries and gravel laid. It is anticipated that we would need to be using it by October for a minimum of eight months but not confirmed until the school works are agreed and signed off. Further discussions to take place through the year. There will be a cost to the new setup and we need to agree how this will be financed.

12. Last year we enjoyed having a few new regular members join us from Spain and France. Unfortunately, they have now left the UK. We all agreed we should actively try to recruit some more members beyond using the regular festivals. We are going to place an advert in the North Leeds Life magazine and approach the university / language schools to let them know about the club and opportunity to play Pétanque.


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