Results of May Mêlée

Dan has emailed to me the results of today’s mêlée.(Thank you, Dan, for all the technical wizardry!!)

A minor technicality means that those people who left after 2 rounds have not been included. This will be corrected for the next round.

Below are the positions for those who completed all 3 rounds.

Position Name Points
(W=3; D=1; L=0)
Scores Difference
1 Liz Batchelor 9 24
2 Malcolm Brown 9 9
3 Daniel De Burgo 6 4
4 Stephen Rollinson 6 2
5 Jean Povey 3 1
6 Mike Bulmer 3 -1
7 Ann Bulmer 3 -11
8 Pam Wilson 0 -27

Thanks, also, to everyone who took part. I hope you all enjoyed it. The next mêlée will be held on June 2nd.


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