Access to the Pavilion

You will have noticed, if you have been to the club this week, that the pavilion is being used for a Holiday Club for young children. This would normally take place inside the school building, but this is not possible this year because of the building works taking place.

The school’s primary duty is towards the children and their safety, so for safeguarding reasons, access to the pavilion is not permitted until all the children have been collected from Holiday Club – some time after 6pm.

To accommodate this, the next match (v Wetherby onTuesday, 16/7/2019) will not start before 6.30pm, and Tuesday Club Sessions will now start at 6.30pm until the Holiday Club has finished.

Considering we were expecting to lose the “terrain” completely under the original development proposals, this represents a relatively very minor inconvenience. I’m sure you will all respect the school’s conditions, and help everyone make the best of the situation.

Thank you for your help in this,


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