Tuesday Club Sessions

Paul has asked me to let everyone know that the Tuesday evening Club Sessions are now back to normal, EXCEPT they will begin at 6.30pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all again in September,



Access to the Pavilion

You will have noticed, if you have been to the club this week, that the pavilion is being used for a Holiday Club for young children. This would normally take place inside the school building, but this is not possible this year because of the building works taking place.

The school’s primary duty is towards the children and their safety, so for safeguarding reasons, access to the pavilion is not permitted until all the children have been collected from Holiday Club – some time after 6pm.

To accommodate this, the next match (v Wetherby onTuesday, 16/7/2019) will not start before 6.30pm, and Tuesday Club Sessions will now start at 6.30pm until the Holiday Club has finished.

Considering we were expecting to lose the “terrain” completely under the original development proposals, this represents a relatively very minor inconvenience. I’m sure you will all respect the school’s conditions, and help everyone make the best of the situation.

Thank you for your help in this,


Results of Melee held on June 2nd 2019

PositionNamePointsPoints difference
1Paul Matthews914
2Daniel De Burgo 68
3Gordon Cain67
4Pam Wilson64
5Nestor Matthews 64
6Don Dunlevey3-4
7Malcolm Brown3-8
8Kevin Colbeck0-7
9Janice Colbeck 0-11

Thanks again to Dan, for his IT input, and thank you to all who could come, and made it an enjoyable morning.

Hopefully, the next event won’t coincide with Qualifiers, or other competitions, and a more encouraging turnout will be possible.

West Yorkshire League Match on Tuesday 28th May v Huddersfield

After a hard match, interupted by some heavy rain which was taken as a coffee break, we won through 3-2

Thanks to the team – including Yvonne and Terry from Thorner – who all played well on a very fast terrain (even after the rain), and to Huddersfield Petanque Club for their hospitality.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the club members who I contacted and asked to play, in my efforts to get a team together – I was getting pretty desperate on the night before the match… and a big thanks to Richard Burrow for contacting his friends at Thorner at the last minute. We appreciate it is difficult to to commit to away matches, particularly with the travel, and at the odd times other teams play, with all our other commitments, – So thanks again and I look forward to seeing you at the Club soon.


Mêlée Reminder

The 2nd mêlée event will be held this Sunday, 2nd June.

The last event went very well, even though several members had prior pétanque engagements elsewhere.

Please come along and enjoy yourselves at this event, if you possibly can.

Looking forward to seeing you all there,


Open Day… postponed!

For several reasons beyond our control, and for which we are all totally blameless, Brexit has been postponed until….NO, SORRY! I got carried away.

What I meant to say was OPEN DAY has been postponed until rather later in the season. (It was due to take place on Sunday 19th May)

Please accept our apologies if this causes personal inconvenience, for example, if you have invited friends and relatives from Australia for the event and now have to find something else for them to do!

We suspect that it may take place in July/August, when the weather is (hopefully) better, and we can make sure the event is properly organised, enjoyable, and well-attended

Message from Sam…

Last year I translated two books for author Pierre Fieux   Petanque de Competition and Comment se forger un mental du Championinto English.     The books are on sale on Amozon.fr and Boulistenaute.com. and can be found through the following links as Competition Petanque and Forge your Mental  Strength.

 The first may conjure up thoughts of grandmothers and egg sucking but the second examines the mental aspects of the game and applies preparation techniques used in other sports, to pétanque.  Petanque England coaches now seem to be pretty well on the same page in their approach. I think it is worth the 15Euro to serious competitors.


By coincidence I had started to put together some bits and pieces which I had put on the club website over the years with other aspects I had been studying and decided to publish it all as Two balls and Half a Brain. (available at a bargain £4 paperback or £2 on Kindle) from the links below. It’s worth it if only for the opportunity to slag it off in the review section.  The bile green cover with graphics by Charles is due to trying to buy blue card while wearing yellow tinted glasses