Important Notice re Coronavirus

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well, and looking after yourselves in the present uncomfortable situation.

Paul has asked me to post this message concerning club activities for the foreseeable future.


In Line with Government Advice on Coronavirus, the Committee has decided to suspend all club activities until further notice. This includes all regular club sessions, and both the York and West Yorkshire Leagues.

Hopefully everyone can stay healthy and we can resume activities later in 2020.

Petanque England / Northern Associate Licences

Paul received a message from Roger Nunns re the above, which he has asked me to pass along – so here it is:-

To: Paul Matthews

Good afternoon

Could you please contact your members and remind those that have either PE licence or Northern Associate licence that it is time to renew them.
There is no change in the cost from last year. £30 for PE and £8 for associate membership.

Thank you

Roger Nunns
Northern Membership Secretary/Treasurer

Happy New Year to all,


Christmas Meal

You already know that the LPC Christmas Meal/Celebration/Party/Do will be at Salvo’s Salumeria on Tuesday 26th November. You have already informed me of your menu choices, and, hopefully, passed on the necessary funds to Marjie.

Like me, you now can’t wait for the moment to arrive… but, WHEN is the moment???

We suggest you arrive at 7:00pm, so that you can order drinks and find your places, ready for dinner to be served from 7:30pm.

Dress Code: Happy smiling face and cheerful disposition!

Enjoy yourselves!


Christmas Meal 2019 – UPDATE

First of All – The date of the event has now been finalised. It will be Tuesday, November 26th. If this date is inconvenient for you, please accept our apologies. It was the date when most people were available.

Secondly, and equally important, the menu has changed. Then new menu is below.

Time is running short, now, so we need to know your new menu choices as quickly as possible. Might I suggest that you email your choices to me in the format:-

Name: Primi option / Secundi option / Dolce option

eg for me, Malcolm Brown: Carne / Branzino / Tiramisu

Even if you have already sent your choices from the previous menu, please send your choices from this menu to me at

Marjie is collecting the payments, so if you haven’t already paid, please see her with your funds as soon as possible.

Lastly, a belt and braces approach will ensure everyone gets the necessary information. So, I will also be emailing this information to all members whose email address is known to the club. Please accept my apologies again for badgering (even bludgeoning!) everyone, but time IS running short.

I’m looking forward to your replies, and to seeing everyone have a really good time on November 26th.

Christmas Meal 2019

You may already have heard via Paul, or Marjie, that there are plans afoot – albeit in the preliminary stages – to celebrate another year of fun, friendship and petanque (not to mention Christmas!) by having a bit of a do at Salvo’s. The price is £28 per person.

The date will be either 26 November, or 3rd December – still to be decided, based on the most acceptable date.

Please let Marjie know if you would like to attend; if you are bringing anyone with you (spouse, partner, significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, or all of the above!); and your possible and preferred dates. Her email address is

You will also need to let her know your menu choices – a link to the menu form is shown below.

Perhaps you can print off the linked page adding names and ticking boxes as required and email it / hand it / post it to Marjie, along with your payment.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.