Christmas Meal – Friday 8th December

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Taking place at the HEART centre in Headingley on Friday 8th December 2017….




Roy Cotton Memorial Trophy Event, Sunday, 10 September 2017

Despite the stormy forecast, the weather but held off just long enough for us all to enjoy a great afternoon with Harrogate Montpellier Pétanque Club and Roy’s family.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended and helped to fill the afternoon with tight games, great food and wonderful company.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s event so thanks again to everyone who came along and contributed to such a special day.

So pictures below from Malcolm and James

Paul Matthews

RCMM – 10.9.17 at 2pm BBQ Prep *please read*

Hello All

On Sunday 10th September starting at 2pm we have the Roy Cotton Memorial Match against Harrogate followed by a BBQ with Roy’s family, and, of course, his friends, members of our club and Harrogate Montpellier club.

Like last year, it is going to be a fantastic event but we need your help to ensure everyone gets fully fed.

Robin has kindly agreed to provide the meat for the BBQ. Please can you all think about bringing some other types of food and / or drinks.

We need:








Vegetarian alternatives



Soft drinks

& anything else you can think of to make it a great spread!

Please let Paul and I know what you are intending to bring. Best way to do this is to use the comments section for this article and then everyone else can check to minimise duplication. It’s easy to use. Just type it in and press send.

Please remember it’s free for our club members but guests will be asked to contribute £5.

Thank you

Roy Cotton Memorial Match – Sunday 10th September 2017 at 2pm


We will be holding the annual Roy Cotton memorial match against Harrogate on 10th September to remember and celebrate all the hard work and passion Roy brought to pétanque in Leeds and beyond.

We propose to start at 2pm on the day, a later start at the request of one of Roy’s daughters, with first up the game for the trophy, this will be followed by barbeque/food/drinks, and then we can have social play for as long as players like.

LPC will provide all food and drinks for the day. We propose to have a bbq (we will have a gazebo in case of inclement weather) salads, desserts, snacks etc and a range of drinks (wine/beer/soft drinks/tea & coffee).

The food and drink will be free to Leeds club members and there will be a charge of £5 per head for all visitors.

We ask you all to bring something for the BBQ with you please. Crisps, salads, drinks, cakes or tortillas. You know, all the delicious stuff you usually bring for an event.

Please can you let us know by the Sunday before (3rd Sep) if you are coming so we can make the appropriate provision. Any questions, suggestions, etc just let Paul or I know.

We are looking forward to another great day’s play in the company of Roy’s family. Lets hope the weather is kind to us.

Captain Fantastic


Congratulations to our Club Captain, Neill Rank, pictured above holding up the Home Nations pétanque winners cup he recently helped win for England in the 2017 Home Nations championships.

The competition compromised of teams from England, Wales, Scotland and Jersey where each nation enters eight teams who play triples against four teams from the other three nations. So, in total 12 games each over the weekend.

Neill, Dag Nygaard and John Edmonson formed one of the English teams and came first in the competition by winning 10 out of the 12 games. Fantastic achievement! Well done Neill and partners.