Lockdown II

As you will have expected, the new “lockdown” (anti-Covid) measures mean that there can be no further play until December 2nd at least.

It’s very disappointing for all of us. Not only are we losing our weekly, high-intensity exercise session, AND will suffer the gradual deterioration of our highly-tuned skill sets through lack of practice; but the more important social benefits of meeting regularly with pleasant, like-minded people, will also be lost… hopefully, only for a short while!

Please take good care of yourselves, and keep yourselves safe during the lockdown period, so that we can all quickly get back to normal when this latest disruption comes to an end.

Remember – This too shall pass!


Two Brief Messages

Paul has asked me to pass on two brief messages:-

He received this card recently, from Wheatfields Hospice (I hope you are able to read it!)

Secondly, his application for the club to be affiliated to Petanque England has been successful. This means we can continue to play with the current protocols …at least until the government changes its mind on “organised team sports”.


Jean’s funeral

I know that several of us were keen to have the details of the time and place of Jean’s funeral, in order to pay our last respects to our old friend.

Paul has received a message from Louise, Jean’s sister.

Louise has had the unfortunate task of trying to keep the numbers attending Jean’s funeral within the legal maximum, in this time of pandemic. In order to manage this, she has even had to ask some family members not to attend!

Consequently, and very sadly, she has had to ask that club members do not attend the funeral, which is to be held on Tuesday, 15th September.

She will send Paul an Order of Service, which will be shared with those club members who so wish.

I’m sure you will all respect Louise’s request, and perhaps spare a thought, or two, for Jean, Louise, and all the family on Tuesday.


Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Club Use of the school premises

Leeds Petanque Club

Covid19  Risk Assessment

Open tournament play where large numbers of members from other clubs would be present is suspended until national guidelines change.

League play would be possible under current guidelines since a maximum of 12 players are involved but the leagues will not resume before Spring 2021 at the earliest.

The following guidelines apply to club sessions

The club chairman is normally present at all club sessions and he will ensure the guidelines are adhered to . In case of his absence he will arrange for a replacement for that session.

Social distancing

The Leeds terrain can accommodate XX simultaneous  games. To ensure adequate distancing between games thereby allowing players within a game more space there will be a maximum of XX simultaneous games allowed. This is also in line with the maximum of 30 allowed to take part. Seating for players is not currently available.

(XX to be decided upon on Sunday 6 September)


In line with Petanque England Covid 19 rules

  • Players must not handle any boules other than their own
  • each player must use their own coche
  • plastic circles are not to be used
  • equipment such as tape measures should not be shared
  • social distancing must be observed particularly when picking up boules after each end.

Recording of club members present

This will be done by the club chairman (or his appointed replacement). Contact details for all club members are readily available so all that is required is a list of attendees

Sports association Clubhouse

The clubhouse is available for toilet access

Other areas are not currently available

Male and female toilets can only be used by one person at a time. Vacant/ occupied sliders have been installed???

Club members should queue outside the building if necessary .The clubhouse maybe being used by other groups?

Members should lock the door behind them to prevent access for general members of the public unless the doors have been wedged open during times of frequent access

A face covering must be worn within the clubhouse


  • Handwashing, where available (as a minimum before leaving home and as soon as returning home)
  • Remind members not to attend sessions if they are unwell and especially if they have a persistent cough, a high temperature, or loss of smell/taste
  • All  attendees MUST follow government guidelines on self isolation
  • Club members must provide their own hand sanitiser
  • The use of face masks while at the terrain is a personal choice

Use of the School Premises

We have been told we can continue to use the School premises after term starts in the next week or so. However there are a couple of important provisos;

# Tuesday evenings will continue until the clocks go back, but no members should arrive on site prior to 6.00pm, to avoid any contact with both pupils and staff.

# Members must not approach any members of the school staff, respecting social distancing at all times.

This is all in line with Petanque England’s current guidance and should be strictly adhered to.

Jean Povey

I’ve just heard, from Paul, the extremely sad news that Jean died last Wednesday.

It comes as a shock to all of us.

A card, and a collection, have been organised, and you will be able to sign the card, and contribute to the collection at the club session tomorrow – Tuesday, 1st September.

Everyone who has played with Jean (and that will probably be everyone at the club, will recall the look of concentration in the photo above as she prepared to deliver a “point” – which could be devastatingly accurate!

The pictures below show her again in petanque action, and also in relaxed mode at the club christmas celebration.

Jean will be missed by us all.


Good News!!

We are able to start Club sessions back at Glenn Road from this Sunday!!

The School are not running their summer club this year and we have access to the terrain and the toilets in the club house, but not the kitchen etc. This arrangement will be reviewed at the beginning of September prior to term starting. So we are good to play both Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings as usual. If there is a cricket match we will need to make a shared arrangement for the safe use of the toilets, but I will be made aware of this in advance.I will bring hand sanitiser and some anti-bacterieal wipes for club use.

We will need to maintain Petanque England protocols to avoid spread of the virus; principally:-

maintain social distance,

not use the plastic circles,

use your own coche and

do not touch other players boules or equipment.

Full details are on the Petanque England website https://www.petanque-england.uk/2020/06/24/covid-19-update-and-play-safe-guidelines-3/

Paul has also asked me to remind you that subs are now due, and payment as soon as poss. would be wonderful!!

It will be good for all of us to be back playing again. Hope to see you there on Sunday.

Message from Paul…

Sunday Session #3

I trust you are all well and ready for another game of petanque or two.
We have found a new terrain, that plays more than a little bit rough, on Woodhouse Moor and are proposing to have a session this coming Sunday (21 June) morning at 11.00. There is plenty of space so we can maintain Petanque England Covid protocol’s see below.
The location is adjacent to Cliff Road on the space used for the circus, fair and university open day parking. If heading into town take the first left turn after the Hyde Park traffic lights, Cliff Road, and park up. The terrain is adjacent to the road. Its rather a large area so we have worked hard to find the best/least worst spot for playing
 There are no “facilities” so please come pre-prepared.

The weather forecast is not too bad so hopefully we can stay dry, if not we can shelter under the trees  

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning.

Paul & Charles

…and just in case you didn’t know, you will need to bring your own coche – then there is no need to handle anyone else’s equipment at all (even should you wish to!)

Hope to see you tomorrow!


Message from Sam Porter…

                                        The old bugger is going at last.

After three months of aggravation our move is finally on.  We are off to Sussex on the 12th June.

I would just like to wish you, one and all, the very best for the future and thank you all for the enjoyment of your company and competition over the past years. I hope to meet up with at least some of you again next year.

At 80 it is unlikely that I will make the cut for the inter regionals again especially in Southern but I am hoping to give the Open a go next year.  So farewell all and thanks for your friendship. I will miss you all. Stay safe and as I have always said “ If it’s closer than yours ..shoot it”


I’m sure you’ll all want to join me in wishing Sam all the very best for his new life in Sussex, and I’m sure that, like me, you will have enjoyed both playing with Sam, and playing against him – and also benefitted from his insights into the game, both physical and psychological!!

It’s been so long now, since we were able to get together, I thought I’d include some memories of Sam in our company at various events – so we can remember how much he haas contributed to our club, and so we can remember how much fun we used to have!!

Hopefully, all this nonsense will soon be over, with all of us and our loved ones safely through it, and we can get on with the serious, and often not so serious, game of pétanque!

Sam, I hope you enjoy the memories, too!