Open Day… postponed!

For several reasons beyond our control, and for which we are all totally blameless, Brexit has been postponed until….NO, SORRY! I got carried away.

What I meant to say was OPEN DAY has been postponed until rather later in the season. (It was due to take place on Sunday 19th May)

Please accept our apologies if this causes personal inconvenience, for example, if you have invited friends and relatives from Australia for the event and now have to find something else for them to do!

We suspect that it may take place in July/August, when the weather is (hopefully) better, and we can make sure the event is properly organised, enjoyable, and well-attended


Message from Sam…

Last year I translated two books for author Pierre Fieux   Petanque de Competition and Comment se forger un mental du Championinto English.     The books are on sale on and and can be found through the following links as Competition Petanque and Forge your Mental  Strength.

 The first may conjure up thoughts of grandmothers and egg sucking but the second examines the mental aspects of the game and applies preparation techniques used in other sports, to pétanque.  Petanque England coaches now seem to be pretty well on the same page in their approach. I think it is worth the 15Euro to serious competitors.

By coincidence I had started to put together some bits and pieces which I had put on the club website over the years with other aspects I had been studying and decided to publish it all as Two balls and Half a Brain. (available at a bargain £4 paperback or £2 on Kindle) from the links below. It’s worth it if only for the opportunity to slag it off in the review section.  The bile green cover with graphics by Charles is due to trying to buy blue card while wearing yellow tinted glasses


Results of May Mêlée

Dan has emailed to me the results of today’s mêlée.(Thank you, Dan, for all the technical wizardry!!)

A minor technicality means that those people who left after 2 rounds have not been included. This will be corrected for the next round.

Below are the positions for those who completed all 3 rounds.

Position Name Points
(W=3; D=1; L=0)
Scores Difference
1 Liz Batchelor 9 24
2 Malcolm Brown 9 9
3 Daniel De Burgo 6 4
4 Stephen Rollinson 6 2
5 Jean Povey 3 1
6 Mike Bulmer 3 -1
7 Ann Bulmer 3 -11
8 Pam Wilson 0 -27

Thanks, also, to everyone who took part. I hope you all enjoyed it. The next mêlée will be held on June 2nd.

Sunday Mêlée Sessions

Start THIS Sunday. Please come along and join the fun.

Dates for subsequent sessions can be found on the Mêlée Sessions 2019 page of the website.

I would have linked it all together, if I really knew how this website thing worked, but I’m learning as I go. Please bear with me.


Dates for the Diary

Welcome to a new season! With the clocks changing on Sunday we’ll be starting the Tuesday evening sessions again from next week (Tuesday 2nd April) and we’ll have our AGM on same night after a game or two.

We’ll also be holding our open day on Sunday 19th May.

Hopefully see you this Sunday!

Thin on top

As our terrain is looking at bit bare we thought we’d add something to it. Gravel!

More gravel has been ordered and we’ll be having a ‘spreading’ party on Sunday morning before play. If anyone can join us it would be much appreciated!

We’ll be assembling at 10:30 if you can make it. Bring a shovel!