Reminder – Tuesday Sessions start today and AGM


Just a quick reminder it’s our AGM meeting today in the club house.

Session starts at 6pm and we will play until dark or rain comes followed by the AGM.

Please come along if you can,



Tuesdays at 6pm – sessions start this week and our AGM


We start the Tuesday evening sessions again this Tuesday 27th March. Sessions start at 6pm and we will play until it’s too dark.

This Tuesday is also our Annual General Meeting in the club house so please come along and participate. It will be a light agenda.



West Yorkshire League Fixtures – important dates for you diary

Hello All

Please find below the eight dates of the home and away matches for the West Yorkshire League 2018.

We need your support to make up a team to participate in the league so please add them to your diaries and next Sunday we will check who is available:

1. Tue 24 Apr – 18:45

Home Match – Leeds v Mirfield

2. Fri 04 May – 13:00

Away Match – Harrogate Montpellier v Leeds

3. Tues 15 May – 18:45

Home Match – Leeds v Heckmondwike

4. Tues 22 May – 13:00

Away Match – Huddersfield v Leeds

5. Mon 28 May – 10:30

Away Match – Mirfield v Leeds

6. Tues 5 Jun – 18:45

Home Match – Leeds v Harrogate Montpellier

7. Wed 20 Jun – 10:30

Away Match – Heckmondwike v Leeds

8. Tues 26 Jun – 18:45

Home Match – Leeds v Huddersfield

Please note: the dates and times on the the Northern PĂ©tanque website for our home matches are currently incorrect. Please go by the dates and times on our Leeds website.

Self Deception


Here’s another great insight into the psychology of the game from Sam…

A little snippet of French petanque psychology. It is called in typical French fashion … Managing the score (Ignoring reality). When the other team are ahead to avoid the pressure you simply ignore the score.

In your head it is a draw say 6/6 . Up to 13 it is still a draw. You are not behind, no pressure, concentrate on scoring points.

Do not fall into the “block the front up, they only need 2” frame of mind.  As I can never remember the score anyway it works for me.


Nothing New

Hi Thanks to Sam for the following…
Joseph Addison, essayist, poet, playwright  and general all round  ‘smart arse’ in 1700 spent some time in France and describes a strange game he witnessed.  Sounds much like a Sunday morning in Headingley….
“Whoever starts the game carefully observes the placing of the small ball, being a target to be reached, and lets fly his ball. When a large number of balls surround the target and makes, one could say, a rampart making the reaching of the target difficult and  great care needs be tuke in order to arrive  gently near to it. A player has seen his ball crawle languidly and  slow suddenly, despite the motion he had applied. He followed it step by step wavering about. The progress being too slow to save his honour, he accuses the unevenness of the field and the humps that it meets … but the praise and glory are reserved for those who without deviating or slowing pass thro’ all the others and are victorious by resting on the target.”