LPC Melee sessions 2018

One definition of a melee is a ‘confused crowd of people’ and for the last year or two our approach to holding melee meetings appears to fit quite well.  I’ll take the blame as I have not organised them well but that is all about to change…
This year we are going to play them four times with two doubles and two triples matches. We plan to time limit each game to 40 minutes with the winners being the team in front when the whistle is blown.  If you start in a melee session we expect you to play all the rounds knowing that it will take a minimum of 2 hours (although there will be exceptions to account for the unknown).  All other rules will mainly be in line with the English pétanque rule book.

We are going to play the games between May and September with one a month on a Sunday.  The dates will be firmed up shortly and published below.  The winners and scores will also be published so we can congratulate them at our ‘end of year’ club dinner.

So get practicing and get ready for the first session in May!


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